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MS Sulehav


Info about Sulehav

Sulehav is our newest fishing vessel, and was delivered to us early in 2021. The hull is built at Stocznia Wisła shipyard in Poland, and the rest of the construction is done at Thyborøn Skibs & Motor in Denmark. Sulehav has the posibility to take 8 men at sea, but normaly there crew is made up by 6 people. Sulehav are operating with two shifts, where each shifts work for 4 weeks, and then have 4 weeks off.


Sulehav is mainly going to fish cod and hake and are going to fish with Danish seine, and mainly in the North Sea. We believe quality is key, and that is why Sulehav is iceing the fish in boxes, to keep the quality of the fish as high as possible.


Length: 34,16m

Width: 9,50m

Storage capacity: 285m3

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