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Our history

In Solund, the ocean has always been important. Transport were done at sea; the dinner came from the sea and family’s income came from the sea. For generations families have taken to the sea to harvest from the riches it gives. In this legacy, the brothers Magnar and Øyvind Lending, together with their father Arne, bought the smack “Øyasund” in 1991. The brothers were 18 and 20 years old, and ready for hard work, winter storms and months away form home. The Lofoten cod were the main fishery, and after a year Øyasund were substituted for the boat “Vasstind”. This were because the brothers needed a concession for cod, to secure funds needed to make the company sustainable. Onboard both “Øyasund” and “Vasstind”, the living conditions were simple, with no hot water and cold cabins.


The men in the family were not the only ones to contribute. After 12 weeks in Lofoten with “Vasstind”, the rumour says that the pile of laundry delivered back home in Ytrøy went all the way up to the roof in the laundry room. Linne Lending took responsibility for the finances, and she is today the CEO in Lending Rederi. With hard work at sea, and a supporting family and partners, the fisheries went well, and in 1995 the vessel “Mogutt” were bought, to be able to fish with Purse seine. Bjarte Lending, Magnar and Øyvind`s brother also joined, and the three brothers, together with their father founded Lending Rederi.

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«Mogutt» operated for three years, and the workers sometimes spent month away form home. After a while the desire for a new boat emerged, and the search for a suitable wharf started. The family travelled to both Finland and Portugal, but ended up in Trøndelag, in the middle of Norway, at Norrøna Wharf. 


At the wharf their accommodation was located right next to the train tracks, but shivering beds were forgotten in April 1999, when Sulehav were delivered to the company. Onboard Sulehav, Ronny Hjønnevåg, a long-time worker and co-owner in the company started as captain, and he is today one of the captains on Sulebas, board member and co-owner in the company.

During the start of the 21-th century, multiple boats were temporarily in the company’s ownership, and more concessions were bought, in addition to Sulehav which were in year-round operation until 2014. Knowledge, fighting spirit and the willingness to invest caused growth, and more jobs were gradually generated.


In 2014 our current vessel, Sulebas, was delivered to us. Sulebas has been operated year-round since then, and we look forward to many more years with fishing with Sulebas. In 2019 we also started the process of building a new vessel called Sulehav, named after the first self bulild vessel in the company. The construction of Sulehav is well underway, and it is scheduled to be delivered to us at the end of 2020. Our plan then is to operate both Sulebas and Sulehav year- round. Read more about Sulebas and Sulehav here.

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