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MS Sulebas

Sulebas i Tromsø 28.08 (36).JPG

About Sulebas

Sulebas was delivered to us in 2014. The hull is built at Riga Shipyard in Latvia, and the boat were completed at Solund Shipyard in Norway. The vessel has room for 10 workers, and the living conditions are modern and comfortable. The workers are onboard for 4 weeks and have 4 weeks off. This solution works well, both in terms of efficiency and for the wellbeing of the workers.


Sulebas is in year-round operation, and it can be used with a lot of different catching gear. The most used fishing gears are Purse seine and Danish seine, and we are fishing both Whitefish and Pelagic Fish. Cod, pollock, haddock, herring and mackerel are the species we catch the most of with Sulebas.




Width: 9,50m

Storage capacity: 420 m3

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